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Marinsal is ready to support your operations, provide training to your staff and crew, reduce your risk exposure and more.


Enjoy support in handling insurance claims and, keeping projects running on time.


If you are in immediate need of salvage or wreck removal, an expert witness, or pollution management, Marinsal can help.

On shore

Unlike other maritime consultants, Marinsal is well-equipped to provide for your internal organizational needs. All our work in the office is done with an in-depth knowledge of the operational aspects on board the vessel.This ensures every field project is accompanied with transparant, efficient, and continued office support.

Off shore

With over 30-years of experience in the field, Marinsal experts know the best way to solve your marine problems. All our work performed offshore is done with an in-depth knowledge of the consequences to your insurances or legal procedures. All work is done with the end goal in mind, ensuring any project whether its salvage removal or crew training is completed successfully.

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Marinsal has over 30-years of experience solving maritime problems, get an expert consultation for your project.

Expert witness

Ensure justice is delivered with our proficient and accurate expert maritime testimony.

Risk management

Reduce the risk exposure with our expert opinion into the safety of your processes and interface management.

Claims support

Stop claims disruptions from affecting your projects, Marinsal will move your case forward.

Casualty Management

Salvage removal, wreck removal, pollution control, Marinsal is equipped to solve your problems before they get any bigger.

Operational support

Charter parties and other shipping documents drafted to meet your specific needs.

Education & Training

Prepare and train your staff and crew before an accident happens, we’ll make sure they’re ready for any problem that might occur at sea.

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