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Effective marine operations require speed and efficiency.

Claims, especially if they’re large, disrupt normal business processes causing operational slowdown and revenue loss.

Our expert insurance claims support team has battled and won claims for over 30-years.

When you work with Marinsal, your needs and claim requirements are assessed immediately.

Next, our experts determine the quickest, safest, and most effective way to support your organization based on your expectations.

If you need direct in-person assistance, Marinsal is well equipped to provide that.

In addition, we can aid your team indirectly by providing hands-off support role functions for claims made.

All effort is made to reduce the effects of disruptions on your organization and project potential. Claims are handled from beginning to end with speed and accuracy in mind.

Any party involved in the claim will be contacted professionally and agreements will be reached in a timely fashion.

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Stop claims disruptions from affecting your business, Marinsal will move your case forward without your attention.


With over three decades of experience handling claims support, our experts will settle for nothing less than the best possible outcome for you.


Get assistance with your organization both off shore and on shore to keep projects running smoothly.

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