Marinsal will deal with any casualty. If you are in immediate need of salvage or wreck removal, an expert witness, or pollution management, give us a call today.

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No matter how well your ships are run and to what levels your crew has been trained an incident can always occur. With the right support you can minimize the effects of an

Marinsal can help you to manage the incident.

Marinsal experts are used to deal with casualty responses and are ready to assess your project and determine risk levels, and ensure fail-safes are in place.

Marinsal can fulfill your needs promptly, both in salvage and wreck removal projects.

With our team’s 30-years of experience in casualty management, every project is completed with speed, efficiency, and safety in mind.

All of our operations aim to exceed expectations.

Marinsal goes to great lengths to offer operational solutions, taking into consideration the legal framework. 

Marinsal can provide services as expert witness in salvage and wreck removal projects.

Marinsal has helped deliver proper justice in maritime cases for over three decades.

Marinsal is associate member of the International Salvage Union (ISU).

Marinsal is ready to



Marinsal has over 30-years of experience solving maritime problems, get an expert consultation for your project.

Expert witness

Ensure justice is delivered with our proficient and accurate expert maritime testimony.

Casualty Management

Salvage removal, wreck removal, pollution control, Marinsal is equipped to solve your problems before they get any bigger.

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